Artist Statement
The pleasant aura of fresh Wonder Bread still lingers as if it is infused into the walls of this once booming bread factory. A symbol of the “greatest thing since sliced bread”, it is recognized as the iconic colorfully packaged American staple of white bread. The Wonder Bread factory in Buffalo, NY once was an industrial icon running along the city's belt line. The facility, in operation from 1923 produced the staple Wonder Bread as well as Hostess Brand snacks and closed in 2004 due to the company closures of factories all across the United States.
My photo essay documents the building 18 years later in its current decaying condition and how it's overtaken by graffiti and the elements. It takes a unique perspective of a Wonder Bread factory employee and provides a glimpse into their day-to-day routine but many years after its closure. The use of colors in the photographs further showcases the decaying nature of the building but also alludes to the bright Yellow, Red and Blue colors of the Wonder Bread brand. The faded remaining letters are just enough to make out the former name of this forsaken wonder.
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