The place to be in Buffalo, NY where you can purchase all locally made products, support businesses, specializing in a wide range of foods, goods, and services, all from diverse backgrounds is the Broadway Market. The Broadway Market first opened in 1888, and since then has become a family tradition for Buffalonians to visit with their busiest time of year being the Easter season. 
Easter has always been one of those holidays that my family goes all out for each and every year. With trips to Delaware Easter weekend, many many traditions like coloring eggs and finding baskets Easter morning. While my family’s tradition doesn’t include a visit to the market, Easter holds a special place in my heart and the Broadway Market is such a huge part of Easter for many families in Buffalo.
For my photo essay,  I wanted to document the liveliness of the market during the Easter season and the immense amount of joy that is created across all families, people of different ages, and the business owners. Each photo is a different aspect of the market, capturing the reactions of people enjoying the market. The pops of color and use of pastel blue, green, purple, pink and yellow illustrate the blissfulness of the market during Easter time. The market has gone downhill in recent years but the continued support from the locals, the success and turn out during Easter weekend keeps it alive.

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